• Available: 2019
  • Published by: Crooked Lane (USA), Thistle (UK)
  • Formats: Hardback, eBook

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The Books of The Dead

When Rachel Levis stumbles on the body of an employee of the French national library in the bathroom of a Paris cafe, she’s asked to help with the investigation by her old acquaintance, police captain Boussicault. But just after she goes undercover at the library to try to determine who loathed the dead man enough to kill him, the place is rocked by more bad news: a priceless antique book has been mutilated. And the very next day, her favorite suspect for the murder is found dead in the stacks.

Just as the case starts to heat up, Boussicault pulls Rachel from the investigation. Determined to show the captain that he’s made a mistake, she and Magda decide to forge ahead with an investigation on their own. They plan to beat the police to the murderer and the book thief — but the solution turns out to be stranger than they could ever have imagined.

“A charming expat and her Parisian chum help the police solve a string of murders in the Bibliotheque Nationale….A worthy encore to Bernhard’s Death in Paris series debut.”
Kirkus Review