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Welcome to the website for Emilia Bernhard, author of the Death in Paris mystery series.  You can click through to news about upcoming events (giveaways, readings, publishing dates, and more), and a blog in which I consider topics close to my heart, some of which even have to do with the books. There’s also a form you can use to contact me (I love to hear from readers), and information on how to contact my agent, if you need it.


Twitter chat on 4 December 2019!

On 4 December (this Wednesday) I’ll be participating in a Twitter chat held by my publisher, Crooked Lane Books. All the information is below. Come along and ask me questions, make requests…I’ll even do a little dance if you ask me to!

The Books of the Dead is available on Audible!!

The Books of the Dead has just been released in audio format, and it’s now available on Audible, here. The wonderful Angi Lenhart brings my words to life just as satisfyingly as she did with Death in Paris, and I’m just as thrilled.

Look at this charmer with a book!

This little lady puts on her cherry-red spectacles and becomes the first person to be pictured with The Books of the Dead! Way to go, Isobel!!


I’m very, very pleased to announce that today, October 8, The Books of the Dead is published in the US! You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all other online booksellers, and you can also order to your local bookstore if (like me) you are also a lover of bricks-and-mortar bookshops. If you buy from Amazon, you can also review the book. I read all my customer review and take them very seriously. You can also tell me what you think of the book by contacting me on this website: I’m always interested in what readers have to say!